Saturday, December 10, 2011


The starter is somewhere under there... 

Still the original paint on the sphere (Was rebuilt when I bought the car)

Motor mount.

The heat shield was a pain to remove...

... but not as much as the starter!

This is the HUGE 10 tooth Ducellier. For a moment I thought I couldn't get it out. 

This is the new "John Titus" Offset Gear Reduction starter. The motor is on the top and the solenoid on the bottom. It is much lighter and turn faster than the OEM starter. Since this car has a battery mounted relay, I have made a jumper to connect permanently the solenoid to the positive terminal (The ring connector and wire comes with the starter; a male banana connector is even included for the later DS with no battery mounted relay).

Way smaller than the Ducellier.

The fuel inlet was glued previously by the previous owner but I've added some ligarex just to make sure that it won't get disconnected. 

The new door switch finally showed up.

After rustproofing the car will be ready to be shipped.


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