Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trunk liner...

I have started to glue the trunk line in place. After lunch I've noticed that the glue/fumes had seeped through the felt onto the vinyl. I was hoping that after the glue had dried the vinyl will shrink to its original shape, which happened as the following pictures will show.

I've change my strategy and used contact glue on the body and 3M 90 spray on glue on the vinyl...

... worked perfectly as you can see on the upper part:

Trimming the vinyl...

After trimming, the felt behind the vinyl was showing. I've use flat black enamel to paint the felt. The enamel being a slow drying paint allowed me to clean the vinyl easily with white spirit.

The manufacturer of the kit did not provide enough material to cover the sway bar cover; I have kept the original vinyl on it.

I've kept the bottom vinyl loose to be able to monitor any rust forming over time. Also, if some water or moisture gets in, it will be easy to let the vinyl dry.

I have repainted the hardware for the trunk light and installed it. Unfortunately the plastic cover (Over the bulb) was missing when I bought the car; I have to get one.

A little polishing on the Seima switch won't hurt.