Sunday, July 31, 2011

Left inner fender...

This part was very difficult since everything is rounded and it is very tough to take measurements.

The gutters did not match so I had to take the entire gutter from the new part but take part of the old inner fender.

I could only cut once, so I spent a lot of time of matching and checking, etc...

The angle of the new part did not match the angle on the car (Longeron). I've used this tool to help me.

The car is ready to receive the new part.

I made sure that all parts will work together at the end, so I've assembled them temporarily.

I've used the fender from my '66 to see how the fender would fit in the future.

I've spot welded the bar to make sure that it will not move during assembly and welding.

Checking how the trunk would fit later.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Right "longeron"

This part was not too difficult since it is straight and fairly easy to do measurements.

I used corner rail for proper alignment.

This part was a little difficult to align. Removing the old metal was challenging.